Grind & Seal Concrete

Grinding And Sealing Concrete is a great way to provide a dust proof surface that can be installed at a lower cost than most Polished Concrete and Epoxy Flooring Systems.

What Are Grind And Seal Concrete Floors?

Grinding And Sealing Concrete Floors is a process where the existing concrete floor will be processed with Diamond Grinders to smooth or hone the concrete to transform the concrete substrate from a dull boring surface to a beautiful durable surface.

Grind & Seal Advantages

Sealed concrete provides a sustainable, green solution for your flooring needs.

Lower installed cost.

Quicker installation.

Dust proof.

Resists Stains.

Lower Maintenance Cost

Grind & Seal Applications

Office Floors.

Warehouse Floors.

Patio's & Out Side Dining Rooms.

Restaurant Dining Room Floor.


Types of Grind & Seal Floors

There are several processes for Grind and Seal Floors. Each type can be fitted for your specific use. Several Examples are:

Penetrating sealers.

Epoxy Sealers.

Acrylic Sealers.

Water Base Sealers.