Cementious Urethanes

Cementitious Urethane

Cementitious urethane is a high performance floor coating composed of Portland cement, water, aggregate, and other fine materials. It was created for the food and beverage industry. Also referred to as “urethaneconcrete” or “urethane mortar,” cementitious urethane has many benefits as it has been introduced and used in many applications beyond the food and beverage industry.

This system can be installed with a seamless application. Maintaining a seamless floor throughout the entirety of a facility can help decrease the level of bacteria or harmful chemicals getting stuck in the seams.

Able to withstand extreme temperature swings from -330°F to +240°F, cementitious urethane offers a thermal stability. Urethanes can expand and contract at the same rate as concrete, for a very low risk of bending, buckling, or cracking.

Urethane can be installed over 7 day old concrete(green) whereas with epoxy you need to wait at least 30 days if not more.