concrete & prep repair

We specialize in joint seal and repair, shot blasting, scraping, scarifying, concrete shaving, diamond grinding, self-leveling underlayment and moisture mitigation. 

Repair and Seal Joints

Repairing concrete floors with our industry standard products ensures a quick and easy fix that will restore your structure’s integrity for many years to come. Whether it’s a joint spall or a surface defect you need to repair on a polished, stained or colored floor, we have a product for you.

Shot Blasting

We specialize in shot blasting horizontal concrete surfaces. Shot blasting is the process of shooting beads of steel “shot” at a high velocity speeds to blast away unwanted materials. These can include paint, mastic, concrete, etc. This removes contamination and laitance (soft concrete) to reveal a mechanical profile for improved bonding.

Diamond Grinding

Diamond Grinding employs diamond embedded metal or resin pads mounted in a horizontal wheel. Typically used in successive grit abrasion levels to accomplish the desired finish ranging from high polish to a honed surface.


These machines utilize a heavy-duty steel blade in various thicknesses to scrape existing floor treatments and adhesives down to the concrete slab

Scarifying / Concrete Shaving

These machines work in similar ways incorporating vertically mounted rows of circular diamond blades to remove concrete. Width of blades can be adjusted to create various width patterns. A concrete shaving machine is often used to create non-slip grooves in existing concrete walks, floors and ramps.

Self Leveling Underlayment

ARDEX provides a comprehensive line of world-class substrate preparation systems. ARDEX K 15™ Self Leveling Underlayment remains the most specified underlayment in North America and ARDEX Feather Finish™ continues as the gold standard for patching cement underlayments with proprietary self-drying technology.

Moisture Mitigation

A properly installed moisture barrier will keep moisture from passing through the flooring adhesive and releasing the finish-flooring surface. New England Surface Preparation is an authorized Koster installer and also installs Ardex products.

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