Metallic Epoxy

Metallic Epoxy Floors

Dur-a-Flex Reflections Designer Floors/ Elite Crete Reflector Epoxy Floors

Metallic Epoxy Floors are poured in

place Designer Flooring Systems, which can be placed in a single color or with several different Metallic Pigments to achieve a truly unique, one of a kind floor. 


In addition to being seamless and ease of cleanability, it never requires waxing.


• A durable, smooth high gloss or satin finish that has a breath-taking look.

• Multicolor pigment combinations or single color.

• Seamless application.

• Competitively priced with traditional flooring options

• Exceptional wear

• Stain resistant

• Chemical resistant

• UV stability ensures consistent color for the life of the floor

• Never wax.

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Resinous Epoxy

   EPoxy Coatings& High Build Epoxy Floors                         

Epoxy Coatings are pigmented, two component, low odor, 100% solids, thermosetting Epoxy designed especially for Flooring applications subjected to moderate traffic and chemicals. It is also a two component clear Epoxy used usually in Quartz, Dur-A-Quartz, or Epoxy Chip, Dur-A-Chip applications. With Urethane or Polyaspartic top coatsapplied Resinous Epoxy has excellent color stability and a fairly low viscosity so it is easy to apply.


Stain Resistant
Easy to Clean
Good Color Stability

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