In addition to preparing concrete for floor treatments NESPI can also install a finish floor system for you including Polished and Stained Concrete and Seamless Flooring systems.

The term Seamless Flooring or Fluid Applied flooring is often used generically to refer to any one of the following floor treatment systems:

  • Resinous Epoxy

  • Seamless Epoxy

  • Urethane Mortar

  • Cementitious Urethane System

  • Quartz Epoxy

  • Terrazzo Epoxy

This type of flooring is popular in hospitals, nursing homes, labs, clean rooms, food processing and industrial applications. They are manufactured in a wide range of types & chemistries to provide diverse flooring solutions at a variety of price levels.

All Seamless flooring systems are monolithic, poured in place, often incorporate an integral cove base, which eliminates the seam where the wall meets the floor. A seamless epoxy floor with a cove base is the most sanitary, easiest-to-maintain floor available which is why this system is mandated by environmental health codes across the country. Some of these floors are designed to withstand repeated wash downs.

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Epoxy Coating is a pigmented, two component, low odor, 100% solids, thermosetting epoxy designed especially for flooring applications subjected to moderate traffic and chemicals. It is also a two component clear epoxy used usually in quartz or chip applications. It has good color stability and a fairly low viscosity so it is easy to apply.


Chip seamless flooring is a decorative, “poured in place” flooring system consisting of liquid polymers and color-fast decorative chips. It is designed to provide a terrazzo-like appearance. In addition to its seamless cleanability, it requires no waxing. Surface finish can be smooth or slip resistant.


Colored quartz aggregate is fused together during application into a seamless surface, with specially formulated, high quality, clear, 100% solids, epoxy formulation providing resistance to solvents, acids and other chemicals.


Cementitious urethane is a 100% solids, aromatic, system blended with graded silica and fine fillers applied at 3/16 to 1/4 inch to produce a self-leveling matte finish of uniform color. It is designed to protect concrete,polymer reinforced screeds, or water resistant plywood from chemical attack, corrosion impact andthermal shock. Repeated exposure to hot oil or steamdoes not cause pitting, cracking or crazing.

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Poly-crete is a 100% solids aromatic cementitious urethane system with a broadcast aggregate.

This system is typically installed at a nominal ¼ inch thickness. Its coefficient of thermal expansion is similar to concrete, making it very resistant to thermal shock. For new concrete, urethane resurfacers can be applied to concrete after ten days.