With 30 years of professional flooring experience we have worked the business from all angles so we have a unique viewpoint. Over the years the company has evolved and found a niche in full service Epoxy Flooring / Concrete Coating, Polished Concrete and Floor Preparation serving all New England.



We have at our disposal an arsenal of tools that enable us to handle just about any flooring scenario you can imagine. These units all have powerful motors powered by electric, propane or industrial batteries allowing for high volume removal. Our battery operated ride-on units can be used indoors with no additional ventilation required.

Try NESPI for industrial grade jobs requiring:
Shotblast Units
Industrial Polishers
These machines utilize synthetic and natural diamonds (embedded in resin) and can be electrically operated to allow us to work in areas without creating any harmful fumes. Where A/C Power is insufficient or unavailable alternate propane powered units can be brought in. Many of these units can fit through a standard 30” door opening allowing access to virtually any space in your building.
Some of these “ride-on” industrial units are operated by one man and take the place of a 3-4 man crew using conventional removal techniques and in some instances get the rip-up done in one-third the time.
Dust is controlled with the use of industrial vacuums attached directly to the equipment. We are also able to work the project in a negative air environment, if needed, for floor prep in active or dust sensitive, environments.
Shot-blast production rates of up to 60,000 S.F. per day are possible.